Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Pictures from Baotou

A peek into the infant/toddler playroom at Baotou

(that's Fei in the checked shirt holding one of the

resident cuties)

Little ones showing off their crayon skills

Donna (the therapist) playing/evaluating one of the kids

Time to play outside on the patio

Watch us! We want to show you our latest game!!

Fei, Donna and Dr. Meg take in the local sights


  1. Donna Is that you riding in that cart?
    Ni bu shi lao wai.

    Thanks for the photos!!!! Adorable!

    Enjoy your stay and have fun!


  2. donna* i am so proud of u (& the others)-
    i hope u all return home safe 2 u'r families back here in the states! i bet u r all phyically & emotionaly exuasted BUT in a GOOD way ! GOD Bless u all & those adorable children
    love,marla & danny*donna's little sister & her 22yr old nephew who has severe nonverbal autism(he has IT but IT doesn't have HIM ;-)

  3. So inspiring to see people caring enough for these children. It was a nice surprise to see our sons pic. I look at it daily! Thank You!
    Jessica - ATL, GA