Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updates from Baotou

This has been such a busy trip, I've hardly had time to write! We leave around 7:30am and get home around 8:30pm and then deal with urgent issues before moving onto trying to provides some pictures and updates. But I'm sure you don't want to hear about that!

Today Fei and I got to spend time oogling with the babies under a year--I had forgotten how tiny they are at that age! What fun! This orphanage does seem to have a lot of young children! The nannies and the orphanage staff and Directors all seem very interested in learning from our team, which is great! They are so caring and loving towards the children. One baby boy stole our hearts in there. he has a very serious heart condition and is blue most of the time. We need to see if we can find any doctors who would agree to do surgery on him. This boy has fight in him! Even thought I'm sure he doesn't feel well most of the time, and clearly has no energy, he still found the spunk to grab my hair and pull hard:-) He has bright eyes and you can just tell he is meant for great things if he can just get some help.

We also had the experience of meeting 4 newborns today! The little sweeties didn't even open their eyes, they were just so new to the world!

There are a couple of older boys that have stolen all of our hearts! They want to be adopted and the orphanage wants us to help them find families, which I think we are all motivated to do. I have never met such happy go lucky, polite and goofy little guys:-) They bring a smile to our faces each time we see them. The kids have all gotten used to us walking through the orphanage, asking questions, taking pictures and notes.

I have technical difficulty posting pictures from here, so I'm shrinking and sending them to the Oregon staff to help do that. I've taken a LOT of pictures, which I'll post more of when I get back, but for now you'll have to be satisfied with what I can send through email:-) Many of the pictures will have to go on our password protected website as well. Stay tuned!


  1. Thank you Thank you! Happy to hear it is going well in Baotou. We can't wait to see the photos too.
    Thank you for taking time to post.


  2. It has been so great to get your reports from Baotou! Thank you! We are so glad that you are there!