Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's hard to get to know a child in such a short amount of time, much less 100's of children! Today we got to hear about transformations, and we saw some in person, which was pretty incredible. There's a little girl who was so incredibly nervous that she was shaking and wouldn't answer our questions, even after some distractions and games. Today we visited the Half The Sky sponsored school at the orphanage and learned that although she is incredibly shy, she is doing quite well. It was such a relief to find out how much progress she has made. When we went into her room after the school tour, she came out of her shell again, giggling and sharing Legos with us. I was very pleased to see what a great school they have there at the orphanage, and it's clear they're really making a difference in the children's lives who participate. The teachers were so caring and willing to share about each child when we asked. They keep a binder on each child with information and pictures from each week that they are there participating to tell how they are progressing. Pretty amazing!

We also met another older boy today who really wants to be adopted. I'm not sure he totally understands adoption, but he definitely wants out of there and wants to go to the States. He is interested in learning English and wants a Mama and a Baba. He's a very sweet boy who seems pretty intelligent. Unfortunately they have him labeled incorrectly and he's not getting the attention he so deserves. He kept asking if he would get to leave with us and when he could go to the states. Sigh...if only it were that easy!

Later the Oregon staff will post some great pictures of the kids playing with Legos, another of Dr. Hayes with a few of the kids and some of the Half They Sky school. Stay tuned for our last day in Baotou tomorrow! Then we're on to visit some of the kids who are in Beijing for medical care.....

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  1. THank so much for the great work you are doing there and for the info and photos - Kristen