Friday, June 3, 2011

Are You My Mother?

Am I cute or what? My name is Zeke. Can't you imagine me sitting at a park with you and making one of my beautiful drawings? Or perhaps I could be a performer of some sort? I really want a Mommy and Daddy most of all! Siblings are good, too:-) I''m quite a ham--I'll recite a poem for you...or would you prefer a song? Please sit down...

Girls always oogle at me and say I'm soo cute! I like to learn and play sports with other kids. I can draw and sing pretty well, too. If I had a Mommy and Daddy, I could do anything! Could I fit into your family picture? Cheeeeeese!

I'm Jake; I'm all boy! I like to be rambunctious and active and silly! I'll demonstrate my super hero poses for you if you like? Do you like to wrestle, because I would love to have a daddy to wrestle with and a Mommy to cuddle with and read to me. Do you have some brothers for me? I really want a family!

I'm Lillian; I love playing outdoors in the light and music. I like doing things by myself, but get a little nervous, too. I need a Mommy and Daddy to help guide me and teach me to be self-sufficient.

Please spread the word about these children! Contact me if you're interested in considering any of them:

Their files are currently available.

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