Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Being Wacky

Jake here has some natural wackiness:

Zeke and Skippy are a bit goofy, too...although they try to contain it, sometimes it just bursts forth:-)

Charlie is the cutest sweetest, kindest and most determined little boy. Want a cuddly boy? This is your boy! Fei and Donna got him to be a little wacky:

Kids need to be kids, play and have the chance to be goofy, wacky and just have fun! See, Fei has no problem after years of practice:

As an adult, what better excuse to be wacky, than a child? The kids featured on our blog have not had much of a chance to be wacky. These kids need families to endulge in their wacky sides! If you're interested in any of these adorable boys, contact me:

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