Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Kids Aging Out With Grants

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say it is likely too late for the kids aging out in July to find their families. Therefore, we are hoping that the following kids, who don't age out until next year will find families before it's too late. These are great kids and they each have a $5000 grant to help with their adoptions! Please meet:

Corey ages out in February: Corey lived with a foster family from the day he was found until 2009 when they were not able to care for him any longer. Corey is in the 6th grade and likes Math and English classes. He likes to play badminton and ping pong for fun. Corey is popular among his classmates and is always willing to help others. He is also popular amongst the younger children at the orphanage, and often leads them in playing games. They call him older brother and like him a lot. He is praised by his teachers as a good and sensible child. He is an intelligent child and is well loved at the orphanage and they hope he can have a happy home. There is a $5000 grant available for Corey through ASIA.

Lina ages out in March: Lina has a family pursuing her!

Scott ages out in January: Scott is an incredibly determined and brave child. Through his rehabilitation training, he never gave up, even when he was covered in sweat. He takes the role of monitor at school and helps the other children. At the orphanage he also helps the other children with basic daily living tasks, like washing their faces. He is extremely generous and shares his delicious food and favorite toys with others. He is part of the Half the Sky program and cherishes his opportunity, so he studies hard. He has an excellent memory and can remember what he is taught. In his free time, he likes to read poems and sing. He is excellent at math. He didn’t think he could draw very well, but saw a beautiful picture and the teacher encouraged him to try to draw it. He tried after some convincing and drew a beautiful picture. He sees his brothers and sisters get adopted into families and very much wants a family of his own. There is a $5000 grant available through ASIA for him.

Darien ages out in January: Darien is beloved by his teachers and always willing to help. He is well liked by his classmates, too. He is active and happy and loves sports. He participates in sports meets and won the championship, earning a cute nickname. He considers the institute his family currently, but sees other children get adopted and fostered and says that he wants a mother and father of his own. When asked if he wants to be adopted, he happily agrees. Darien needs a family that is close to dossier ready who would like to pursue him. He is on the shared list, but there is a $5000 grant available through ASIA for him.

If you would like to consider any of these children, please contact Marci: marcisk@asiadopt.org

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