Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Girls to Introduce - Part 1

This week we have a few new girls to introduce. Today we would like you to meet the twins...Leah and Lianna! (Leah is in the red stroller, Lianna is holding the panda)

Leah likes to listen to children’s songs, watch cartoons, and play on the swing, seesaw and slide with other children. When she sees people she knows she gets excited and calls “yi-yi!” She is active and lovely and loved by everyone.

Lianna is developmentally delayed and has low muscle tone, but has made steady progress. She is now able to call out to her nanny and older sister and understands simple directions provided by her nanny. She is able to stand when held by her nanny and grab her nanny’s shoulders to prevent herself from falling. She is able to feed herself now. Please note that the twins must be adopted together.

If you are interested in learning more about these charming sisters, please contact Marci at or Vicki at

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