Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pondering Boys....

We all know that boys are harder to place. If you're an orphan in China and a boy, that's a special need in itself, it seems. It used to be the other way around, but that has changed. Almost everyone currently waiting with ASIA wants a girl; even those who are open to boys prefer girls. Yet if you look at the proportion of boys available for adoption to girls, it is hugely disproportionate--there are vastly more boys available than girls! There are adorable young boys on the shared waiting child list right now! They have special needs that those adopting girls would be happy to accept, but there's one problem--they're boys! Now if you were getting a referral the old fashioned way, you would just get assigned a child. When one gives birth to a child biologically, the selection of boy vs. girl is made for them, but they are generally delighted with the choice! So how is it that so many parents in the adoption process are not open to considering boys? Perhaps your child is waiting for you, but you just don't know it because you haven't opened up to the possibility that your child could be a boy?

My daughter at age 2 is currently going through a phase where she only wants to play with boys! She would love to have a gege! Ok, it could be a massive Oedipal complex going on, but she truly sees the fun and value in boys. She's a girlie girl, but she loves to be active and play superhero games, play with cars, and all of the silly games young boys like to play. It might surprise you! I just spoke with a family yesterday who brought a boy home and an older one at that. They had all girls and he fits right in perfectly! He's happy, bright, cuddly and has many little mannerisms that their family members have. He even likes to play dress up with them! He also likes sports, which makes Dad happy...there's something for everyone! Boys are available....please consider them! This is my plea--just open yourselves to the possibility! It can't'll have to wait a while for those girls anyway:-)

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Let's hear it for the boys!