Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys!

"To this day, a lot of the things we have heard about boys’ personalities over the years about them being rough, noisy and very active have never seemed to fit our son’s personality. He is a sweet, outgoing, yet gentle little guy who loves people. He will wave to strangers and say hello to people he has never met. He is the son we only dreamed of parenting a few years ago and the reality of being his parents today makes us smile each and every single day. Tyler, along with our four-year old daughter, are such precious angels to us and the two of them together can be quite the “comedy team” some days, but we couldn’t be happier. "
Write in to the comments about why boys are wonderful to parent, too!


  1. I feel so VERY blessed and lucky to get to parent both a boy and a girl! Their personalities are so very different...their perspectives are so different...their reactions are so different. It is those differences that makes our lives so fun. I'm glad my daughter is learning how to relate to boys and I'm glad my son is learning how to relate to girls.

  2. We have two boys and they are soo different. My oldest is calm and quiet always thinking. My youngest is very social. They are great kids and whenever they are somewhere else it just seems as if something is missing. They love their little sister and she loves them.

  3. I am mother to a son and a daughter. The other day a friend commented that her daughter seems to have a quota to meet of 10,000 words per day. It seems that my daughter has the same quota of words, but my son has a quota of 10,000 STEPS per day! At 1½ he explores the house all day finding lots of interesting objects. He is a lot of fun and I’m so thankful to be his mom.