Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hope Journey Bao an

The actual Hope Journey production was today and it was quite impressive. The children's talent show reminded me of the old TV show Star Search and I think we found our stars:-) The kids were incredible with their talents, as well as sitting through all of the others as well as speeches from the officials. Considering there were 35 children, there were very few meltdowns and they were all very well behaved.
One boy in particular grabbed my heart. Quentin is one of the older boys. He is such a sweet and sensitive boy, and so outgoing! He wrote a poem about spring that he presented and was so articulate and expressive with his presentation. Then he played an African drum and showed his sense of rhythm. All throughout the day, he never hesitated to jump in and join the fun when it was appropriate. He joined me for some hula dancing and later wanted to learn the hokey pokey after he missed the group version.

Dani is one of the little girls that is deaf, but she is also so outgoing. She is very social and the fact that she can't hear doesn't stop her one bit! She has learned to sign and can speak very softly as well. She enjoyed the day and did a very sweet performance dressed as an angel, which I think is very appropriate for her. She seems so sweet. She continually drew my attention.

Here are a couple of pictures from the day to tide you over until I can post more. You can't really see the scenery in the pictures, but imagine a disco ball, stage lighting and sea creatures hanging from the ceiling when you look at them. Tomorrow is day 2 and I already have over 400 pictures! So expect more to come.

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