Thursday, April 22, 2010

They're Here!!!!

If you could see the faces of our newest group of waiting children, your heart would melt-- Mine did!!!!!!! I worked all day yesterday on getting the kids ready to be posted on our password protected website...the first group is already up and they will continue to be posted throughout the day. I'm so excited to go and meet these kids--they look like they have a lot of personality! I'm sure we can find out more about them than is in their files. Just for that reason, we will not be releasing any files until I get back from China so that I can add all of the additional information before we send them out. That said, we will be keeping a list of people interested in considering each child and we will go through that when I get back and send out the files according to CCAA's priority requirements. So go check out the children now (we had to change the password, so if you didn't receive the new one, you'll need to update your information with us) and stay tuned for updates as I'll be sending them from China!!!

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