Friday, April 9, 2010

Misty Mornings

Have you ever wanted to share your favorite things with a child? Watch the wonder on their faces as they discover all that life has to offer? A trip to the pumpkin patch, decorating the Christmas tree, a birthday party, American customs.... Misty may not be a baby, but you can experience many firsts with her. You can see the wonder on her face as she experienced the microphone for the first time. Imagine what else you could share with her once she arrives home? Misty wants a forever you want a child like Misty? I can see her spreading happiness and wonder to all that she meets. Contact me if you would like to consider her:

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  1. Hello,

    I totally agree. We adopted our 7 yr. old last Summer and she has had many firsts, including swimming and visiting Disney World. The look in her eyes and the expression on her face are priceless as she experiences these firsts. She also learned to ride a bike and is so proud of herself. We are very proud and happy to have her as our daughter. Hopefully, someone will step forward and adopt Misty.

    Take care,