Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Find Misty's Family!

Most of the children in these pictures will be adopted into forever families. I hope we can do that for Misty, too.

Everytime we loose a family for a child, it tears my heart out. Whenever we think we have found a family for a child, the excitement in our office is overwhelming, but when we loose a family, our hearts sink. The dream we thought we had for the child is gone. We have to find that dream again for Misty.

She is active and outgoing, as can be seen by her videos:-) She is also loved by everyone who knows her--her teachers, friends and foster family. She helps younger children and is on track in her schooling. Misty has an older foster brother and loves to get her picture taken. Contact me if you would like to consider her: Check out her great smile and character:

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