Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bo and CJ, brothers at heart

Bo and CJ live in the same foster home and truly act like brothers. They attend the same elementary school--Bo is in 2nd grade and CJ is in 1st grade. They share a bed and communicate well with one another, aside from the normal sibling arguments over toys.

Bo has made great improvements since meeting him in April. He helps his foster family with chores and is extremely detail-oriented and a perfectionist. Bo takes his tasks very seriously. When he is asked to do chores with his foster siblings, he sweeps the floor and makes sure it is clean down to the last piece of hair. He gets very happy when his foster mother praises him for his good work. He has learned to care for himself very well now and takes instruction well. When he is corrected for doing something wrong, he listens and tries to do the right thing next time. For example, when his teacher passed out notebooks one afternoon, she left the extras on a table after class ended. Bo put them in his backpack and took them home. His foster mother found them and explained that it was wrong. The next day, Bo took the notebooks back to his teacher and apologized and promised not to do it again. Bo has become a much more open and happy boy. He can carry on good long conversations with people with whom he is familiar. He likes to play with the other kids in his neighborhood.

CJ is a bright little boy who often remembers things after just being taught once. He gets good grades. He is active and lively and can sometimes be a bit mischevious. He is also a very caring little boy. One time when his foster mother was out, his foster brother came down with a fever. The foster dad went to look for some medicine, so CJ went to the bathroom and got a warm, wet towel and put it on his brother's forehead. The foster mother was so touched when she found out because she had once done that to help CJ when he had a fever, and he remembered. He is also very empathic. Once when his brother was crying because he got corrected for doing something wrong, CJ tried to soothe him by saying: "Don't worry, brother, it will be ok, just do better next time." CJ has lots of friends and often takes care of his younger friends.

Both Bo and CJ bring much joy to their foster family. They would make the perfect addition(s) to the right forever family. Could you be that family?

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