Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Harold

Look at this sweet face!

All of the boys in this picture are still available:

Eva confirmed that Harold still has such a sweet, shy personality. The heart wrenching part of her visit was finding out that the orphanage tried to register him for adoption several years ago, but there was a mishap, so this adorable little boy lost his opportunity to find a family when he was still young and reportedly very cute and pudgy! Nevertheless, we hope to still find him a family. You can see that he does much better with people he knows and in an environment with fewer people. We could barely catch him smiling back in April, but Eva got several pictures of him looking relaxed and smiling. He is also a very bright boy! He is in 4th grade, which is ahead of his age level in China. Susan asked him some complicated math questions and he answered correctly right away! Harold said that he likes to read for fun. Isn't there a family out there that would be a good match for this sweet boy? Contact me if you could be that family:


  1. Harold looks like such a sweet boy. In the video of all of the kids playing with the beach balls, I noticed that Harold picks up a ball that one of the little ones dropped, hands it back to him and gives him a tender touch on the cheek. I'm so moved by that whenever I see it. I bet he would make a great big brother!

  2. What a darling boy! We've never done an international adoption before... Hmmm ...