Thursday, December 30, 2010

Teacher, Thomas update

Thomas is an outgoing boy with a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. Other kids always follow his lead, and he is always the one inventing new games. There was one time, Thomas and other kids are hanging out outside, and it looked like they were bored. Suddenly Thomas saw that the adults were cooking in the kitchen. He asked “who wants to play kitchen game.” All the kids ran to him and wanted to participate. He started ordering “you, go get the pot”, “you, go to the dorm get crackers”… Kids went to get all the stuff he needed. They were playing for a long time. After everybody got bored, he suggested the Police game… He is the most energetic kid in his group. Other kids like to call him “big brother” because he acts like a big brother. He obeys his teacher. He is always the first one to finish his tasks.
There must be a family out there with children who could love a leader like Thomas? I remember thinking how adorable he was during the camp! That little face just melts my heart! Surely there is a family out there for Thomas? There's a new year coming up, the economy is improving and the adoption tax credit/refund has been extended through 2012! Don't wait! Please help find Thomas' family and have them contact me:

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