Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Stopped in China

Our little elf, Eva, delivered the gifts to the Hope Journey children and the other children living in the orphanages there. We have not heard any specifics yet, but we do know that they wound up with even more donations due to the generosity of many last minute donors! They were able to buys lots of gifts for each child so they will have a wonderful Christmas!!! Each of the kids in the Hope Journey program will get their very own backpack. The little elves were also able to buy 40 bounce-on animal gym toys to help train their core and balance (and they're also fun!), pens in various styles, stickers, watches, finger puppets and hair accessories. There was enough money left over to give to the orphanage to have them buy shoes for each child! It will be a very Merry Christmas, indeed! Stay tuned for more information and pictures in the coming days.

You may have also heard of our current fundraiser, Give the Gift of Family? We have had several extremely generous donors for that as well and are continuing to raise money to help unite children and families. It truly is the season of giving and we appreciate all who are helping to unite children and families! If you're considering an end-of-the-year donation, please consider giving the Gift of Family. Happy Holidays to all!

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