Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eva The Elf is Baaack!

Eva arrived back at the office today and gave us a wonderful update on the Santa Stopped in China event! Bao an's Sunshine Academy held a Christmas party that day, complete with Christmas tree, Santa hats, gift bags for the kids and candies. Eva brought pictures which she is still uploading of the kids who were all extremely excited to be getting gifts! The backpacks were a hit, along with all of the other goodies the elves brought! Bao an was so gracious and willing to share more information about the children. They were pleased to hear about those who have families pursuing them and more than happy to provide more information about those that don't. Again Eva got the impression that the folks at Bao an truly love the children and want what is best for them.

Eva got some additional information on all of the children. It seems that they have all made tremendous progress since we were there in April! Some of the kids seemed to be completely different in the more mellow environment this time and really came out of their shells. Harley has made incredible academic progress since returning to the more supportive school environment at the institute. It seems that he had a bad experience in public school where the teachers made discouraging comments. He is thriving in the supportive school that the institute provides. Lilah also seemed to be much more comfortable chatting with her foster family than with strangers. She hardly spoke at the camp and is a shy child, but Eva was able to observe her having conversations readily with her foster family. She was a happy, talkative little girl who knew what to say, is definitive and is very capable of taking care of herself and helping with the younger kids and chores in her family. When talking with Eva, she gave very short answers, but when talking with people she knew, she was much more eager and talkative.

So stay tuned, because there is going to be LOTS more pictures and information on the kids to come! What a wonderful gift!

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