Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Lively Leo

Leo is a popular and obedient 5 year old boy who loves to color. He loves to use many colors, so his hands are always covered in various colors of pen, although he pays attention to hygiene so his clothes are always immaculate. He is in preschool and is very close to two other children, who he walks hand in hand to class with daily. His personality is mild and introverted, however when he is around people he knows well, he is active and lively. He loves to play in water and always does so for a few minutes before he gets bathed. He is a very curious boy.

Carissa is a 10 year old girl with good manners who is very polite, active and generous with a beautiful, big smile. She can sing and dance and likes to play outdoors. Her foster family has given her a lot of education, which she enjoys teaching to the younger children. She is in elementary school now and is able to take care of her daily needs. She is responsible, obedient and mature. She likes to hear the story of Snow White, perhaps because she has a dream of becoming Snow White herself.

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