Monday, October 29, 2012

Recruiting 20 Families!

ASIA is now recruiting 20 families for waiting children from China with minor special needs. Are you considering adopting from China and/or are interested in any of the children you have seen on our blog? 

 Many of these children will be Non-Special Focus, which means they are only available to ASIA families with completed dossiers in our program. In order to be eligible for the Non-Special Focus children, you will need to start your dossier process now or already have a completed dossier. 

I have seen families wait to find their child before starting the home study and dossier process and then they are devastated when they do not qualify for the child they think is meant to be theirs. Or they find their child and that child has to wait even longer to get home to their family.
Don't make a child wait while you complete your paperwork. If you complete it now, that will be less time that your child has to wait for you. They have already been waiting too long for forever family.

ASIA believes that there is a family for every child. We work with families to make sure that they are prepared and pursuing the child that is right for their family. We are a team, working together to get every child home to their forever family as quickly as possible. We are honored to help guide families through their adoption journey, every step of the way. We believe that bringing a child home is just the beginning of the adoption journey....

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