Monday, October 8, 2012

Giving It Another Try

ASIA is giving it another try! We got the kids from Changsha who were still on the shared list back onto our individual list so we can continue to advocate for them.  So please welcome back the following kids and check out the posts we wrote about them:

Doug--sweet, timid, happy, smiley 5 year old Doug: Doug's Post
Brandon--Affectionate, shy, sweet Brandon: Brandon's post
Tanner--friendly, outgoing, well spoken Tanner: Tanner's post
Jasper--sweet, trepidacious, curious Jasper: Jasper's post
Lidia--mysterious, bashful, tough, funny Lidia: Lidia's post
Taryn-- nurturing, caring, thoughtful, Taryn: Taryn's post
Josiah--talented, bright, funny Josiah: Josiah's link
Finley--independent, curious, happy, funny Finley: Finley's post
Jenner--vivacious, silly, outgoing Jenner: Jenner's post
Greer--gregarious, happy-go-lucky, smiley Greer: Greer's post

These kiddos are special to us and we hope to be able to find the families that thinks they are, too! Please see our previous posts about these kiddos or contact me for more information: 

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