Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perfect Parents

The Rainbowkids Newsletter today really struck me. It said that there are no perfect parents and there are no perfect children. These waiting children that I try to advocate for don't need perfect parents. They need decent and loving parents who are going to try their hardest and face challenges head on, reaching out for help when needed, finding support and parenting for the good of their child/ren. That's a lot to ask of someone who has never parented before. People who haven't parented still hold those ideals of the perfect parent, but once you actually parent, especially parenting a challenging child, those ideals go out the window. So if you're worried that you won't be the perfect parent, don't worry! These kids don't need perfect parents. They're not perfect kids, but they all have tremendous potential and love to give.

Now that I've said that, no one is even looking at Trevor, Greer, Taryn, Lidia, Doug, Brooke, Miles, Carissa, Polly, Finley, Luke, Leo, Brandon, Tanner, Jenner, Johann or Josiah! This just breaks my heart! I have met many of these kids and I can tell you that I have seen the light in their eyes and witnessed their strengths. All they need is a parent to help them find their strengths and use them in life to reach all of the potential they have just waiting to be discovered.

 Let's take Finley, for instance...Finley is now in a wheelchair, but I've seen him use his legs to push off into a forward roll. I've seen him lift both legs straight up at the same time! Does he need to be in a wheelchair? I can't answer that, but I see potential there. He is a sweet, playful, loving boy.

Now let's take Brandon. He is so adorable! Look at this smile:

Don't you just want to snatch him into your arms and pinch those adorable cheeks? Why has no one come forward for this sweet boy? Please consider these kids! Don't let being a boy be a special need any longer!

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  1. Oh, Finley. I wish that our children's ages were such that we could bring him home. How can anyone resist that smile? He is my favorite little boy from your visit to Changsha in May/June. He's just gorgeous and so sweet. And Brandon looks like a little character - what a ham and beautiful smile!!! Patsy