Friday, October 19, 2012

The Reasons for Change for Children

I have mentioned our Change for Children Campaign before. This was an exciting event for us to be involved in, because it's so easy for folks to participate in it. All it takes is putting a milk jug with the Change for Children paper on it in your office building, or giving it to your child to Trick or Treat with on Halloween to collect pocket change for children around the world without families. Our focus this year is helping those kids in our partner orphanage who will not be adopted. Unfortunately, we have not had a big response to this campaign so far:-( We would be happy to mail anyone who needs one, a Change for Children bag to collect change in on Halloween. Now I know many of you are fundraising for your own adoptions, but this is a way to get your children involved in giving back to China. Just to show you who this will help, I will give you an example.

Our Change for Children Campaign this year will go to helping kids likes Cuyler who will never have the chance at having a forever family because they will, or have aged out of eligibility for adoption.

 It will help Eve, whose needs are so significant that she will probably grow up at the institute, having very little opportunities in her life once she is expected to live on her own.

It will help children like this poor kiddo who aged out right after our visit and we never even had a chance to try and help him. He will live in China with the stigma of being an orphan (which is a big hurdle in China) for the rest of his life. So Change for Children really will make a difference. Your children can see some of the faces of Change and all they have to do is collect pocket change. Then you can cash that in and make your donation online to ASIA at this web address: or send a check to ASIA's mailing address.If that's not your thing, than even a $10 donation will make a difference if everyone pitches in. The price of a Starbucks drink, or a movie. Okay, you've heard it all before. See if you can find a way to make a Change for Children this year and give us a like if you think you can do it!

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