Monday, October 22, 2012

Pieces of My Heart

Okay, well apparently no one is as excited about Change for Children as Pattie and I are here at the office. We're hosting a Halloween Change for Children party for my daughter's classmates and friends this weekend and we're so excited! We're going to make our Change for Children collection jugs, color them, then have some Halloween fun with Pin the Hat on the Witch, Wrap the Mummy and bobbing for apples. Oh, and don't forget all the yummy goodies! I just love Halloween!

On another note, I thought I would tell you about some of the kids that stole pieces of my heart when I got to know them in June. Sometimes there are kids that do that and it's really a gut feeling that I have a hard time putting words to. All I can say is that my gut tells me these kids have a lot more potential than we were able to show you in pictures. One kiddo that really just pulled at my heart hard for some reason was Lidia.

Lidia and I had more of a teasing relationship while I was chasing her with my cameras and her trying to avoid them. She was shy about smiling and had a tough outer shell, but there was just something about her...something I can't put words to that made me think there's more to her than we could see under that tough shell. I wish there was a family that could crack that shell and help her become everything that she wants to be.

Josiah is another one. Josiah is a bright kid with loads of talent that oozes from every pore. The institute is doing a great job of helping him use his strengths, but he really needs and wants a family of his own. A deaf family would be a great fit for Josiah. Josiah doesn't hide his potential--it's all there for you to see in addition to his fun, goofy personality that anyone would love. Is there a family out there for Josiah?

Taryn is another kiddo that pulls at a piece of my heart regularly. The institute recognizes her strengths, as they made her the MC of their Children's Day celebration! She is so sweet, kind and nurturing, providing the mother figure that the other kids there need. But who will be Taryn's mother? Taryn needs a Mom to teach her how to be a kid, to be close to her and to nurture her. Taryn nurtures everyone else, but who nurtures Taryn? My heart tells me there must be a family for Taryn, but there isn't much time. If you have it in your heart, please help advocate for Taryn!

Tanner is another kiddo whose talent oozes from his pores. Tanner is outgoing, fun, goofy, funny, and he enjoys speaking English. He wants a family, has had the experience of living with a single parent before and is not picky about the type of family. If you're looking for an older child adoption, Tanner is your boy! He will be invested in making it work with whoever comes to get him. Communication will not be as challenging, since he already knows some conversational English and is eager to learn more. He plays the piano beautifully, loves to wrestle with the boys and play games. He didn't hesitate for a second with the costumes and dressed up right away as superman. I think Tanner has big dreams, but I also think that with the right help, he just might be able to accomplish them. Tanner is getting older as well. If you have a heart for older children, please help advocate for Tanner before he gets lost on the shared list once more or ages out!

Greer, Doug and Brandon also have pieces of my heart, but I have advocated for them quite a bit, so I will save that for another day....

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