Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heartfelt Plea

I'm writing a heartfelt plea for all of the older children in our Hope Journey Program. While it looks like we have found families for a couple more children, none of the older children in danger of aging out have found families yet. I want to remind you about these five kids. They have so much potential:

George desperately wants a family. He is a sweet boy who has seen his friends get adopted and he enjoys practicing his English. As you can see from his picture, he has quite a lovely idea of what a home and family might be like. Let's help him find a family of his own.

Sherry is a shy girl with a sweet smile and demeanor. Please take a look at what a beautiful picture she drew. This may be her last chance to have a family due to her age.

Julia is intelligent, cute, polite and enthusiastic. She was born in 1996, so will age out of the system if she doesn't find a family to work quickly for her.

Skyler is quite the artist, drawing anime for his artwork. He's talented, speaks English, is 13 and is anxious to have a family. He is eager to succeed in life and with the right family he will:

Gina is a sweet and independent girl who is interested in learning. She is bright and a good student and likes to read, ride bikes and play sports. We have video of her reciting the ABC's in English.

Please help us find homes for these precious children! Even in tough economic times, children still need families. If each of you who views this blog tells 10 people about these children, the word will spread far and wide and perhaps we can find the right families. Thanks for all that you do!

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