Wednesday, September 23, 2009

See Ruth Beyond the Scar

Ruth has a winning smile that transcends her facial scar. Beyond that, she won my heart because she was simply a lovely young lady of 11. I’m drawn to people who appear very gentle, polite and dignified. She seemed to possess all those attributes and more. I also liked how attentively she drew – she knows how to focus and at the same time was more than happy to dance around in her hula skirt. She deserves her chance to shine – she just needs a family to help her achieve all that she is capable of doing. - Sandra

Some wear their scars on the inside, others on the outside. There must be someone who can help Ruth see how beautiful she is, both inside and out? Some might not even notice her scar. No one is looking at Ruth's file right there anyone who will consider her?

1 comment:

  1. Ruth you shine with beauty my darling! You are God's gift to the world, delight in your sweet smile.. you are treasured beyond all measure! love you!