Thursday, September 10, 2009


Michael is a nine-year-old boy with hand and feet deformities. He is the epitome of a young man who is both totally cool and sweet in the same moment. He is from the Shenzhen orphange in Guangdong Province and appears to be a well adjusted boy. He has been living in an extended family-like foster family situation that seems to have encouraged a healthy sense of self without any attitude. I was taken with his ability to be comfortable showing off his moon walk and robot moves for his talent presentation. Clearly he was having fun, seemed unself-conscious and in total command of his body. While his deformities are visible, they didn't detract from his ability to fully engage in all of the activities of the day. Nor did it detract from his winsome personality.


Check out the smiley faces on his apple trees in the picture he drew:-) Could Michael be the child you've been waiting for to complete your family? Contact Marci for more pictures and details:

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