Monday, September 14, 2009

JANE....This precious child must have a family!

I know that I've mentioned Jane before as well, but I continue to be quite shocked that no one is reviewing her file. This girl caught my attention right away as I looked through pictures of the event. She is a clever girl--she put her Hawaiian lei on her head, wearing it as a crown. She put the markers on her fingertips and posed for a picture, like a girl with an olive on each finger:-) She is successful at sports in school, especially short distance running and has neat handwriting, according to her teachers. She likes to help take care of younger children, as well as children with disabilities. Is there a family out there who would make Jane their own and give her some siblings? Please contact me right away! Jane is almost 12 years old and would be a wonderful addition to the right family.


  1. hello my name is pamela i just love kids with that kind of personality and i would love to adopt girl like her.and so i have a six year old son,ten year old daughter,17 year old daughter and i bet they would just love jane as well and most of all she would love our little kitten we have so heres my emails to contack:

  2. and i met to to say well is it all right right if you transfered her to usa,illinois/joliet???