Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They Are Waiting For You

Every day Fei, Sandra and I talk about these children and wonder how we can present these kids so that you can see what we see in them? How can we show you what they have shown us to open our hearts to them and work so hard to find them families? Well, as you can see, we haven't figured that out yet, but we keep trying! It breaks our hearts daily that there are so many children who are not being considered for adoption. How can we give these kids the chance at families of their own, if we can't adequately present who they really are? How can we do this without pictures? Well, I ask you this....wouldn't you want this kind of fun and spirit in your home and family? Families that we know that we never would have thought would have considered an older child are coming forward and doing so--this is great! But where are the families who will consider the boys? Where are the families that will consider the kids who may age out of the chance at adoption? Where are the families who have adopted older children successfully and want to share their stories? These kids are waiting for you.....

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