Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Urgent Need---Clarke!

We need all of your help to find Clarke a family. CCAA is concerned because he is already 13 years old. If a family does not complete the adoption in Guangdong Province before he reaches 14 years old, he will lose the opportunity to be adopted. Clarke is a boy who can be seen having a good time in all of the photos taken of him.

As stated in an earlier post, he enjoys doing body building poses, although he is quite skinny:-) He has a genuine smile, a friendly personality and is optimistic, outgoing and polite. He is well behaved at school and gets along well with others. Doesn't this sound like a boy who would make parents proud? Please take Clarke's story to everyone you know....present him at your place of worship, community gatherings or events. Send an email out to those you know with a link to this blog, post Clarke's story on your facebook page, etc.... Let's all work together to find that family that is meant to be Clarke's! He believes there is a family out there for him, and so do I! With your help, we can find that family that is connected through the red thread. Please give my email to anyone interested: marcisk@asiadopt.org


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