Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where is Shirley's Family?

I know I've written about Shirley twice already, but I have to do it again. I have to believe there is a family out there for this sweet girl. Look at the picture she drew of herself with caucasian parents:

She knows this may be her last chance to find a family because of her age. Shirley is so sweet and mature that she is able to be supportive and gracious with her friends who find families while she has not. Shirley is an outstanding student and has won high marks for the last three years in school. She loves reading and spending time in the library. She also plays the flute and enjoys performing. She has been living with a foster family for 2 years, so she knows about family. She respects her elders and helps the younger children. She is well liked and praised by her teachers and foster parents. Certainly there is a family out there looking for a child like Shirley to call their own?
Are you part of an older child adoption listserv? Are you part of a church or other community that might have members interested in adopting? If you are and you would like to help these precious children find homes, please tell everyone you know about these children waiting in China for their families. You just might change the life of one of these children by finding their forever family! Help us spread the word far and wide!
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  1. i would love to adopt shirley too as well it doesnt matter what her age is so any way for some one to think they won't adopt for that reason what is her age any way???