Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Changes to the Waiting Child Program!

You may have heard amidst the rumor mill about the changes that CCAA announced to agencies this morning. There's some exciting things going on with the waiting child program! Here's a summary:

On September 1st, CCAA is creating a new category of waiting children called "Special Focus" children. These are children who have been on the shared waiting child list for more than 2 months. Considering that there are over 2100 children on the shared waiting child list right now, this is quite a lot of children! Agencies will now be able to request Special Focus children to be on their own agency individual waiting child list. This may enable families to take the appropriate time needed to decide if a child is a good fit for their family. Additionally, families pursuing a Special Focus child will have 6 months (instead of 3 months) to get their dossier into CCAA.

The big news is that families pursuing a Special Focus child will be allowed to adopt a second child, either at the same time or within a one year time frame! One of the children must be Special Focus, but the other can be either healthy, Special Focus or a regular special needs child. ASIA's current Hope Journey children will be considered Special Focus children. CCAA emphasized that families need to be well prepared for the adoption of two children or special needs children in general to avoid tragedies.

We hope this will be a great opportunity for the waiting children. More details will follow as they become available.


  1. This sounds like positive news for the waiting children!

    mom to 2 from China's WC and ready for more:)

  2. What exactly does that mean about adopting a second child "either at the same time or within a one year time frame?" Can't one already apply for a second child a year later? Does that mean one would not have to start all over with a new process/dossier/fees for a second child even if there was a year gap between travel??? I'd like more info/clarification on this :) Two at the same time sounds daunting, but a year later??? Hmmm...Very interesting. Please tell us more :)

  3. Wahoo! That is great news! Maybe there is still hope for us...

  4. What do they mean when they say "to avoid tragedies"? Are they expecting this program to fail for some children?

  5. Leslie,
    I think they mean to avoid more disruptions they want to make sure that parents are adequately prepared.

  6. would they allow you to adopt if your on antidepressants?