Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hope Journey

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting several of the older children who have come home from the last Hope Journey program at our ASIA picnic last weekend. It was fun to see everyone and so neat to see how the kids and families are adjusting! August was the "drop dead month" for the last few kids that were aging out of our last Hope Journey program and they are all home with their families now! What a relief for us and for those families! Some of those adoptions were down to the wire, but they all made it!

I've also chatted with some of the families who don't live in Oregon. It sounds like the kids are doing great so far. I expected older child adoptions to be a bit challenging (and it hasn't been all honeymoon), but these kids seem to have really wanted families and seem to be thriving.

There are some great articles on rainbowkids about older child adoptions right now, so if you're pondering adopting an older child, check them out: http://www.rainbowkids.com/ One of the articles was written by an ASIA family! You get to experience a whole different kind of firsts with older child adoptions. And you know what? Older kids are lovable, too!

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