Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sad, but True

I don't like posting about who does not have a family; I would much rather post about who does. However, it must be done since there are still many without families. So if you have any interest about any of these children, please contact me right away. Many of the kids who took part in the "Best Future" song do not have families, so I'm posting a picture of them here as well as a reminder. The kids in the picture who still don't have any interest currently are Peter(8 years), Henry(7 years), Jimmy( 6 years) and Thomas(8 years old). Cherry(10 years) and Mark(6 years) are also in that picture and while they do have families looking at their files currently, no one has decided to adopt them yet(we often go through many families considering a child's file before we find the family that was meant to be theirs).
Other children whose files are currently available and not being considered by anyone right now (sadly) are:
Harley--11 years old
Gene--6 years old
Edward--6 years old
Gavin--6 years old
Kerry--7 years
Joel--5 years old
Wade--7 years old
Jeremy--4 years old
Bo--8 years old
Peter--8 years
Lilah--7 years old
Quentin--12 years old
Warner--8 years old
Fabian--9 years old
Michael--5 years old
CJ--7 years old
Harold--10 years old
Shawn--4 years old
Lisa--6 years old
Parker--10 years old
We also have Misty from our last Hope Journey program who is an 8 year old healthy girl who wants a family. She has seen her friends get adopted and would like a family of her own. Are there any families out there who feel like they might be a good fit for any of these children? Take a chance and contact me:

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  1. i would like more information about adopting one of these children. We have a current completed homestudy, but had recently decided not to adopt due to a very hard foster experience. Also and one of the main reasons was because we are not stable due to the military. We are now getting out of the military and will hopefully be getting a job. My husband has an interview tomorrow, so if he gets that job (which means stability) and God wills it, then we would be definitely praying about going back towards our original goal of adoption. Starting possibly with one of these precious children.
    you can reach me at