Monday, August 30, 2010

Fire Trucks and Superheroes - Part 2

While fire trucks will always be cool, superheroes currently reign supreme in our house. TV-viewing, action figures, comic books, birthday parties and even the bed sheets must feature mythical characters with super-human abilities. A typical dinner conversation at our house goes like this: "Momma, who can fly faster...Superman or Spider Man? Who is stronger...the Hulk or Wolverine? Who is smarter...Batman or Iron Man?" And it's not just the most popular superheroes that they want to know about, they ask about the second-string characters as well (e.g., Ultraman, Richochet and the Jackel). Plus the villians...can't forget them. My youngest son is fascinated by anyone labeled a "bad guy" and wants to understand what makes them "bad" (we usually use them as examples how one can make the wrong choices in life). So much so that my husband and I are a little worried that we are raising the next evil genius!

Fortunately, my husband has proven to be an extraordinary resource in this stage of their childhood. While I was more interested in Barbie dolls and Disney movies growing up, my husband spent his childhood memorizing stats about Marvel characters. Even today, he can recall the most obscure details. It's one of the latest things that has made me appreciate what a great dad he is.

Since superheroes have universal appeal, I would highly recommend that any mom out there adopting a boy from our Hope Journey program brush up on their comic book reading It will make you seem like Wonder Woman!

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