Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miscellaneous Tidbits

My heart is in advocating for Mark and Chrissy since it sounds like we don't have families for them. But I can't help noticing that there are a bunch of children on the shared waiting child list that were posted this month that have pretty "minor" special needs like repaired heart disease or clefts, and this includes girls around age 2 years and under! This is strange to me because usually those kids get snatched off the list as soon as they are posted, so we must be entering a new era here. Has everyone been matched who wants a waiting child and has a dossier logged in? Are people now wanting older children or more minor special needs than that? I'm curious about why these children sit on the shared list. We don't have any families eligible for that type of match right now, but do other agencies? Curiosity killed the cat, I guess, but I would be interested in hearing from anyone with opinions on that.

Now on to Mark and Chrissy. I know I say this a lot, but Mark and Chrissy stole my heart right away! These two kids are sweet, sensitive, talented, smart, beautiful and charismatic. What more could you want in a child? These two are liked by all and I can see why. So why is it that they don't have families yet? It baffles my mind! I'm going on vacation today, but I'm going to spread the word about these adorable kids to anyone considering adoption. Can you do the same? Hopefully when I return next week, we'll have families pursuing more of the children.

Yesterday I got to visit with a family that came home recently with two newly adopted teenagers (one from our Hope Journey I program). What an adventure! But I must say, they are doing very well! I was truly impressed. Although the kids are still too shy to speak much to people they don't know, I could tell they are healthy, happy and comfortable in their new families. English is still a challenge for them to speak, but it has only been a few months, so that's completely understandable. It hasn't been entirely easy, but it gives me lots of hope that for families that are truly committed, it can work. So on that note, I leave you with that food for thought.

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