Thursday, August 19, 2010

Misty, Jillian and Gregory

This is a much better picture of Misty than I originally included--look at that beautiful joyous smile!

When she was on the stage introducing herself she talked really loud. And the nanny tried to take away her microphone and get her back to her seat. I had no clue what she was saying. Her dialect was very close to Cantonese, but not Cantonese. When we got a chance to talk during the interview, the nanny asked her why she was so loud on the stage and what she was saying up there. She said “that thing I was holding (microphone) make my voice really loud, I was wondering if my foster brother could hear me from there. I was calling him…” It turned out to be she was fascinated by the microphone. She did very well on the interview. She understood the questions and answered properly. She was outgoing, and very boyish.

Well, CCAA has asked which kids from our last Hope Journey program have families--we only have 3 that don't and it sounds like their files will be going back soon. So if you want to see the files of Misty, Jillian or Gregory, speak now!

I wish I had been there to meet these kids, but Fei and Sandra were there and met them if you have any questions about them. Don't wait if you have the slightest interest:
(These files have been sent back to CCAA.....September 2010)

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  1. I was so sorry to see Misty's file available again. I may be wrong, but it seems like she's had a family a few times now and it hasn't worked out. It's easy to imagine her with longer hair. She is beautiful. I so hope she and the others find their forever families. I know what a joy in my life our new 7 year old daughter is to us - in fact, she's doing my hair here as I type! I will be transformed into Mulan any minute now!