Friday, August 20, 2010


Now that this new Special Focus program is going into effect on September 1st, let me tell you about a couple of pairs of kids that I think would do well together. When we interviewed the kids, we asked whether they had a best friend and if they did, who was it? Mark said he is best friends with Henry. Cherry said she is best friends with Mark. Anna said she was best friends with Henry. Anna, Henry, Jimmy, Mark and Cherry all did several dances and performances together. I think they are all a pretty close group. I think if you were to adopt two children at once, a combination of those kids would do well together. Cherry is definitely a leader of the bunch and Mark is also very bright and seems to know his stuff. I think Henry and Jimmy are more of the followers in the group. I'm not sure where to fit Anna in there, but she's definitely a part of it:-) All of these kids are extremely sweet and lovable! I would be thrilled to see all of them find families! I think they all have a tremendous amount of potential!

Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to see the strengths of a child, but once you do, you can help that child thrive and that child will amaze you in ways you never thought possible! Parenting is truly an amazing privilege! If you're hesitating because of one of the special needs, please take a moment and look into that special need and ask about the child. You may find that it's not so scary after all.

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  1. Did you happen to notice anyone in particular that Joel paired up with?