Thursday, October 7, 2010

Help! Before their Files Must Be Returned!

The Hope Journey II program started at the end of April, which means that at the end of October it will have been 6 months of trying to place these children. CCAA gives agencies 6 months to try to place these children before they want us to return the files. I'm hoping they will let us keep these files a little longer and try to help more of these children to find families. So far, we have found families for 10 of the 35 children and I was hoping that many more would have families by now.

So now I get a little desperate and ask for your help. Please help us to find forever families for these children. There are 25 adorable, talented and deserving children left that participated in the camp with the known intention to find them families. They will be seeing their friends get adopted. I feel a heavy weight to not let them down and find families for the remaining children as well. Please talk to anyone you know, post about them in your communities and spread the word far and wide about these children. Please help us avoid sending their files back without families. If you're reading this blog, you likely have a heart for these children. Please spread the word. I met these children so they are not just names and special needs anymore:

I met Mark who has hydrocephalus and is the cutest, smartest and most talented little boy! I just wanted to scoop him up in my arms. He was certainly not affected by his special need, swinging his hips, dancing and spinning to the music.

I also met Jimmy, who is another smart and talented boy with facial paralysis. Sometimes I noticed it, but most of the time he seemed like a regular boy. He is another talented dancer and a close friend of Mark's. He, too, was very confident swinging his hips on stage.

I met Lisa and was amazed that she has cerebral palsy, because she is such a talented, capable and outgoing little girl. It may take her a little longer to learn, but she is determined and that gets her far in life! She was motivated to memorize a poem and recited it by herself for the performance. I watched her throughout the camp and continued to be amazed by her confidence and happy personality. She picked up on things just as quick as all of the other children.

I met Cherry, who is a very smart and sensitive girl and a good artist. Cherry is a proud girl and was in quite a few performances in beautiful costumes. She has lots of friends and I can't tell you how many people I've heard from who have adopted children from Bao an that were good friends with Cherry! It's Cherry's turn--her family must be out there! There is a $1500 grant for Cherry! Cherry's family hasn't found her yet, but many families have developed a heart for her.

I met Peter and it wasn't evident that he was deaf until the interview at the end--he moved to the music quite well! Peter is a magnificent performer and was given a solo in the Lion Dance, which he deserved! He is a happy, confident boy who is very friendly. Peter will likely go far in his life!

I met Quentin, who was outgoing and sweet from the start! He liked to practice his limited English and never missed an opportunity to pose for a photo. Quentin wants a family, and that was evident just from his actions at the camp. He is also multi-talented and a very smart and sensitive boy. He made up and recited a beautiful poem all about spring. He also played an African drum beautifully.

Harold is a shy boy who played the cucurbit flute beautifully! He participated in all of the activities, but was reserved. His cheeks turned bright red when he was given a big hug by Barack Obama's half brother who was there. He is modest, but I think the right family could draw him out of his shell.

Shawn is an orphanage favorite. All of the nannies enjoy taking him home and giving him lots of attention! His special need doesn't affect his daily life and he is adorable and well loved. He is one of the youngest in our group of kids this time. I had no idea he was any different than any other 3 year old! He's quite responsive and knows his body parts and colors and can follow directions. He had a good time with the beach ball!

Harley likes math and Chinese, likes to play piano and wants to be adopted and go to the U.S and is very articulate.
Heather is a very sweet and friendly girl, well behaved and obedient and is learning to talk.
Gene is friendly, happy, well behaved with fabulous musical ability.

Edward loves to draw, do martial arts and wants to be adopted by American family.
Gavin is very polite, loves music and McDonalds. H wants to ride the train to work when he is grown up.

Jeremy has advanced fine motor skills, prefers to play alone, is quiet and happy.

Henry likes to draw and listen to music and is good at playing the matching memory game.

Bo likes Chinese and PE classes in school, likes to play and write his name.

Peter is friendly, happy, good at the matching game and plays with others well.

Lilah is beautiful, likes to play with her foster sister, draw and do the shapes puzzle.

Warner has a great smile is very smart and articulate, enjoys reading English stories and music and said emphatically that he wants to be adopted. Where is the family that can make his dream come true?

Fabian said If he could have anything in the world it would be a family, parents to love and play with him and help him with school. He repeated this to someone else who visited him. He is  very responsive and loves basketball and soccer.

Michael is good at coloring, tracing and repeating words. He is cute and sweet.

CJ wants to be a teacher when he grows up and says he's a good boy so he can be adopted. Let's prove him right!

Thomas is bright, outgoing, happy, logical and wants to drive a big, red car. Wouldn't he fit in perfectly in America?
Harold likes to help other children and play badminton, enjoys music and singing, is sweet and sensitive and a shy boy.

These children want families to love and care for them and help them reach their potential. More than anything that seems to be the number one determination of whether adoptions are successful. These children are eligible for two adoptions at once or within a year, so if you would consider them please contact me right away, before their files have to be sent back:

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