Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mommy, Daddy, where are you?

Mommy, Daddy, I need you to find me and come and get me. I'm lost! These ladies came to the orphanage where I stay to learn about me and the other kids to find us families. It was fun--we got to play games and do some performances for them. We learned about adoption. Some of the kids have already gone to their families... why am I still here? The nannies here like me, but I have to live on a separate floor from the other kids because of my special need. No one will eat with me or wants to be around me. Kids make fun of me. I know you're out there somewhere, but why haven't you found me yet? I'm a good boy! I deserve a Mommy and Daddy to love me, to take care of me, to help me with my school work, to tuck me in at night, to show me how to throw a football, ride a bike or fly a kite. I want to go camping, to run a marathon, play basketball like Yao Ming, or build a soap box car. I may even want to try out dancing or singing in a choir. Can you teach me to swim? Can you wrestle with me and give me lots of hugs? All of the girls are going to families. I'm not a girl, but I can be sweet and cuddly, too. Maybe I could even let you paint my nails? Why are there so many boys left here? Please just tell me what to do so I can be adopted!

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  1. This nearly breaks my heart!

    As Mommy to two amazing and beautiful sons from China, who came home this summer at ages 10 and 5, may I just say adopting sons is wonderful!

    Please someone consider this boy and the many others.

    To the person who posted this, would it be possible to repost it on the No Hands But Ours blog? PLEASE email me privately at cljjs (at) yahoo (dot) com. I would include any agency info. you want and a direct link back.

    My day to post is coming up this week and I'd love to repost this on Thursday.

    Leslie (Proud Mommy to 5, 3 from China's waiting child program, 2 of whom are sons!)