Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is the very first child to come home from our second Hope Journey program! They just came home last month and the family is doing wonderfully! Can't you just see the love in this photo? The family wanted me to share their joy so that others might be led to these children. So here's what they had to say:
"It is like we have all been together forever. She is so loving, outgoing, and such a happy little girl. When we go to pick up her sister and brother, everyone runs to see her, not just the kids, the office employees also... She sleeps great, she eats great,she rides in her car seat great,she loves to brush her teeth, she goes potty and wants to wash her hands right after, she blows kisses to everyone, she understands very well when we talk to her. She is AMAZING!!!! I have been following your blog and my heart goes out to all those children who have not been adopted yet. I don't know if you can share this or not, but the orphanage these children are from is wonderful, they have their own doctors. I think that is huge, especially since they have special needs, you know they have been well taken care of . [Our daughter's] special need has been very well taken care of. I tell everyone about your agency, I only wish I could lead someone to you and these children. I thank you for everything you did for us, I know without a doubt that God created her for us!"
All of these kids were born for a reason. They have some good to do in this world. Let's help them find it!