Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Heart is Crying

There are certain children that I met at the Hope Journey camp who I felt really need a family more than others. Some are doing fine in the excellent institution that is Bao an, even though it's not a family. Of course I want all of the children to have families! But it's for the children that truly ache for a family more than anything that my heart cries as we face sending back files. I feel as though I've failed those children. Cherry is one of those children. As soon as I heard her story, I knew she needed a family to prove to her that love is forever. Mark spoke to my heart, too. He is quite loved at the institution, but this little boy has so much potential and could have such an amazing life if given the opportunities that he won't have in China. Quentin is also one of those children who you can tell could be something great if given the opportunities that he won't have as an orphan. CJ is a young little boy who has talent and love in his heart and yearns for a family. In his interview he said "I am a good boy, I can be adopted." But as of yet, we have failed to find him a family. My heart cries for him because no boy should have to feel like he is not good enough to bed adopted. Harley is a sweet and sensitive boy who has the misfortune of being teased by others. I know that given the opportunity to have a family with unconditional love, he would blossom and thrive. Kerry is an adorable, healthy boy who is bright and thoughtful. He wants to be adopted and would no doubt thrive if given the opportunities that family provides. All of the children except one told us that they wanted to be adopted and I hope for their sake that they all will be some day.

My heart cries for these children as we face sending their files back. It will be bittersweet for their nannies who told us that they are happy when children find families and get adopted, but they cry because they will miss them as well.

I need your help once more. I have tried everything I can think of to reach out and find families for the children. Am I missing anything? If you can think of anything additional I should try, please send me an email and let me know. I don't want to fail these children. Each and every one of them deserves more! Please see their pasts posts or our password-protected website for more information on each child.


  1. Marci, my heart is crying too. I will keeping nagging my husband to change his heart.

  2. Marci, OH How I wish I could be Marks Mommy!!! If only Dad was willing!!! I am praying the Lord will work on his heart!

  3. Marci, My heart is crying and it's spilled into my eyes, which are full of tears! I love children, but I am not currently in a position to adopt a child. Even if I was, it is my understanding that singles are not permitted to adopt from China. I do truely believe that it is best for a child to have both a mommy and a daddy, but wouldn't it be better for a child to have one loving parent than no parent at all? It just breaks my heart that I can't give any of these children a home!!!