Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Meet.....

I feel that it's very important for families to be completely aware of, and prepared for, their child's special needs. However, I've taken the opportunity on this blog to introduce you to children, not special needs. Sometimes the name of a special need can scare people away, when in reality, it may not be that hard to handle. After all, if you had a child with sequelea of intracranial hemmorhage or hydrocephalus, or a cleft, or really anything, most of us would do whatever it is we have to do to get our child the very best care. The same goes for a child that you are adopting and that you're completely committed to with your whole heart and body.

The children that I'm about to introduce you to do not have scary special needs. What seems to scare people away from them is that they are boys and they are not infants. Even if you weren't previously considering a boy or an older child, please read on and see if you have room in your hearts for a boy, or if you know someone who might.

My name is Edward. I like to draw and I drew this picture of a family for you. Hopefully I will have a family like this some day. I am in kindergarten and I have a best friend, but I still want to be adopted and I'm anxious to have a family of my own. I'm strong and confident in martial arts! I would like to show you! I like to do housework and help my nannies. I'm good at pouring tea. Mommy, Daddy, please come and get me soon!

My file is available for review--please take a chance!

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  1. I used to think parenting a boy... adopted at age 5 was going to be the hardest thing I ever did.. but my son is so easy to happy and sweet. I hate thinking of all the sweet boys.. who would love to have a Mama and Baba.. and would be so loving and happy, just waiting. Anybody thinking of a boy.. and wanting to know how it goes.. let me know. :-)