Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Santa Stops in China

Sometimes I lay in bed late at night thinking about these kids and how we can help them. Some families can probably relate to the late night ponderings about your child during the adoption process. In any case, I came up with the idea in the title of this post.

ASIA is collecting money to send Christmas gifts to the children in our Hope Journey program. Very few of them are getting packages from families coming to get them, so we thought it might be nice if they felt the love from afar. Many of you have written to me expressing your heart for these children and that you wish you could help. Well now you can! We are collecting money to buy Christmas gifts for the children in our Hope Journey program. They won't be anything huge, and if we get enough we hope to send some candy or something extra for the rest of the kiddos and/or staff there. We want to send them something from the caring people that are in this community trying to help them to let them know that they are loved and are not going unnoticed. If you want to send a note or card with your gift, we will deliver that as well. They have an American English teacher there, so it can be read to them during class. Our goal is for the children to feel the love. Whether it's from Santa Claus, ASIA, or the adoption community, there are truly people that care about them. Let's show them! You can send a check to ASIA, donate by calling with a credit card to contribute to the cause. Just make sure to note that it's for the Santa Stops in China Campaign. Let's help these kids feel the love! Let's get Santa to Stop in China!!!!


  1. May I ask when you came up with this idea? I asked because just such was impressed on me driving home yesterday.

    I find it extremely interesting that I should land on this site today!

  2. Wow, this is great! I just put together a Christmas care package today just for that purpose! To give a party to those kids left waiting. Such a loving heart for the children.

    Thank you for sharing Tim.