Friday, October 15, 2010

There's Something About Cherry...

I like good news and I hope that the inquiries I've gotten today about Cherry will lead to some good news. It seems to me that she does tug at the hearts of others aside from me, which brings me hope. Some days I need some hope, so thank you!

It's time to drum up a little hope for some other children, too. How about CJ or Harold? There's a great video that I may have even posted previously that shows both Harold and Quentin smiling and having a good time. It was during their free time playing with the beach balls we gave them. Harold is so shy, it made me so happy to see a smile on his face! He came out of his shell a little with the help of the beach balls:-) It's amazing what a little play and fun can do for a child! It's so much easier to establish a connection with a child if you can get down to their level. My daughter loves it when I act like an idiot! The kids at the Hope Journey camp had so much fun learning the hula and the limbo from me, even though I had no idea what I was doing. I was just being goofy! I swear by goofiness:-) If you're worried about connecting with a child, even an older child, just be goofy--laughter can help create a bridge.

I've also received a lot of inquiries about adopting two children at once or within a year. It seems that there's some confusion about how to do that using one single dossier. Families who wish to use one dossier to adopt two children must submit pre-approvals for both children before traveling for the first child. If that is done, than they are allowed to use a copy of the first dossier instead of creating a new one. So if you would like to consider adopting any of these children, we do allow these types of adoptions on a case by case basis. Wouldn't it be neat if you could have a new little goblin or witch or caterpillar (my daughter's costume) come this time next year?

On another note, if you think you don't qualify to adopt one of these children, email me anyway! We may be able to help you. There are so many children, like CJ, who have had little to no interest. We may be able to make a persuasive argument to help you bring that child into your family and lives. Time is running thin, so contact me right away and please, please, please help me spread the word about these deserving children.

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  1. June.Hyndman@eku.eduOctober 24, 2010 at 12:09 PM

    Do you know cherry's Chinese name and could you send me some pictures? My eight year old daughter with a lower right leg prosthetic from bao an may know her, her name is bao longqun. She was adopted two years ago