Friday, January 13, 2012

Genuine Jonah, Ages Out in the Fall

Jonah is a healthy, active and outgoing 13 year old boy who is very tidy with his things. He likes sports like racing, basketball and football. He respects his teachers and looks after his younger foster brothers who all like him as an older brother. Jonah is a clever boy and at 10 years old he was in the second grade. He is now in grade 3 and doing better than average and no longer has trouble. He got the award of “Most Progress in 2010” in his welfare institute! Could sweet Jonah be a fit for your family? If you think you could even consider him, please contact me right away! There is a $5000 Grant available to help with the adoption costs for Jonah! He ages out in the Fall! Jonah does not have time to waste! If you know anyone who could consider a sweet older boy like Jonah, please contact me: 

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