Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silly Sherman

Sherman is an adorable 4 year old little boy with a significant special need who will capture your heart. Sherman smiles all of the time and his smile brightens up the room. He will fool you into thinking that he may not be cognitively aware because of his giggles, but he's actually quite resposive and cute! He pretended to be on a phone call while our OT was there:-) He gets some OT to address his special need and he says that he likes it. He is able to walk with a walker or with assistance and crawl on his own. He can put on and take of his socks and shoes. He speaks in 1 word sentences, but answers questions quite competently. He can point to his body parts, answer how old he is and follow two-step commands. Sherman craves attention, which is not surprising considering that he doesn't get much social interaction. It is impressive that he is so responsive! There is no doubt that with the attention and love that a family provides, he would go much farther! Can you resist this adorable face?

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