Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wise Wyatt

Wyatt is an outgoing young man who is active, smart and handsome. Who wouldn't want a son like that? Unfortunately, Wyatt has been waiting for his family for much too long. He ages out in August! I'm putting a plea out there to help Wyatt find his family! There is a $5000 grant available to help with his adoption through ASIA if someone steps up soon! We would also be happy to transfer his file to another agency to get him his family.

Wyatt has lived with a foster family for quite some time and he is often praised by them, as well as by his teachers at school. He gets good marks in school and helps other students. In his spare time he likes sports, such as running, jumping, playing ball with others and playing football. He is good at football, sparing no effort, so the other kids like to play football with him. He has a good imagination and gets along well with others. He is tolerant and helpful. Please spread the word about Wyatt and help him find his family before it's too late!

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