Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rambunctious Rachel

Rachel is a happy, outgoing, curious little monkey. She is two years old and loves to climb and pull herself up. She is interested by new people and when we were there, she was not shy. She happily took the toy we offered her and explored it by sticking it in her mouth. She has a "mama" that she is very close to--she will touch her face lovingly and smile. She searches for her mama when she is not there. She is a bit of a tease and likes to play games with people. Rachel needs a family who can get her the medical help she will need to reach her full potential. Could you be the family for sweet Rachel? We can't post pictures of sweet Rachel quite yet, but please see our password protected website for pictures of her.

We also have 3 kids who are in danger of aging out in the next year that I hope to post about soon. Stay tuned...

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