Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're Still Waiting...

Sweet Skippy is showing you his excellent drawing skills in his Half The Sky classroom. What a sweet smile! Skippy is a happy boy who has an infectious smile that he shares with everyone! Surely he would be a perfect fit for a family out there?

Zeke is showing you his engineering skills. He is a very outgoing boy as you can see--not camera shy at all:-) Zeke really wants to be adopted. He followed us all around practicing his English and making sure we took plenty of pictures of him. Clearly he has a lot of potential. Are you the family that could help him shine?

 Jake is also not camera shy--what a pair Jake and Zeke make! In fact, this picture below illustrates Jake's personality pretty well. He's a goofy kid! Do you need a little more silliness around your household? Jake could be the perfect fit!

Zeke, Skippy and Jake are still waiting. Their files have been on the shared waiting child list since 2009. Their files have now gone back to the shared list, but we will not give up! These are darling boys who need families to help them blossom. These kiddos spread joy with their infectious smiles and laughs. Who wouldn't want that? Please help spread the word about these kids. They deserve a family and want one so badly!

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